This online repository of tools gathers in a single place existing open-source tools useful for the energy communities and bioenergy sectors. The library allows project owners to identify them more easily, navigate through them and understand which ones best fit their needs. It supports developers and operators of community bioenergy and heating projects with 4 […]

BECoop releases its first tool – the toolkit!
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BECoop is glad to start a partnership with key projects working, like BECoop partners, on energy communities, renewables, raising awareness and providing solutions to policymakers. Compile, Come-RES, DECIDE, eCREW, Newcomers, RES4LIVE, W4RES, NRG2peers, Up-Stairs, RENergetic and RHC. Read all about them in the Related projects section of the website. Related Projects If you want to […]

BECoop join forces with 11 H2020 projects
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The first BECoop newsletter reports on project findings, plans and events. Read about bioenergy potential, our pilot solutions in , , 󠁧and , the tools that we offer for cooperatives, and much more.

BECoop #1 Newsletter is ready!
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Participate in a Perception survey! BECoop finds it important to listen to the local perceptions of bioenergy communities of as many locals as possible. This is why, next to the local events, we created a survey to explore your opinions and experiences with community bioenergy. The findings will help us signal key factors and dimensions of […]

Perception survey in six languages!
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Are you part of a RESCOOP/ renewable energy cooperative?

Are you a local authority or policy maker?

We would love to hear your views on the potential for bioenergy market expansion!

Please take 4 min for this survey available in 7 languages, before May 1, 2021: German, English, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian and Greek.

Survey: help BECoop assess the potential for the bioenergy market expansion
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Amsterdam, December 15, 2020 – In the updated Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II), the EU clearly considers community energy as a key factor for future Renewable Energy (RE) market uptake and mandates Member States to implement regulatory frameworks for enabling and facilitating this process. At the same time, several barriers prevent citizens from becoming […]

Press release: A people-powered energy system: activating the community energy market for bioenergy
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