• Are you setting up an energy community?
  • Would like to join one but don’t know where to find it or where to start?
  • You are part of a community energy initiative and want to find tools to help you develop, manage and grow?
  • You need to analyse potential business models and who are the stakeholders that would have to involved?

This event was organised by 9 projects funded by the European programme H2020 and working on the topic of energy communities: EC², BECoop, DECIDE, eCREW, UP-STAIRS, COME RES, NEWCOMERS, W4RES and PowerPoor).

It showcased in an interactive manner 18 tools these projects are making available to people setting up / managing / growing energy communities: citizens, future and existing energy communities, policymakers, other projects / initiatives, RESCoops, etc.

The event clustered the tools in 3 groups to make sure stakeholders know to go when they have a need, based on which stage of developing a community energy initiative an actor is:

  1. Inform yourself – Prior to starting a community energy initiative – understanding the basic concepts, researching and information collection
  2. Test your market, your ideas, technologies – Organising and planning a community energy initiative – testing the market, which technologies to use, which business model and legal framework and how others have been doing
  3. Lets act – get people involved and grow – Growing and improving an existing community initiative – Getting more people involved, engaging different social groups, data and energy sharing, one-stop shops.

Download the briefing – a 2-pager with short description of all tools and projects

Download the presentations

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