BEcoop CONCEPT: Increasing the penetration of bioenergy technologies in community energy

Exploiting a new marketing channel for bioenergy

Foster easier community bioenergy development

Increase acceptance

Exploit existing RESCoop social capital

Activate authorities’ transformative role

Help bioenergy to shape its positioning to community energy

Boost demand & supply

Increase public engagement & mobilisation

Understand stakeholders

Transfer skills

Raise awareness

Improve perceptions

Making community bioenergy project development easier

Reduce project effort

Encourage more/faster roll outs

Provide tools and services

Improve time and cost effectiveness

Demonstrate project activities

Increase replication and expand bioenergy client base

Enable knowledge transfer

Unlock replication & scale-up

Connect multiple community bioenergy ecosystem actors

Breach the BECoop borders and replicate

Get informed policy support

Empower policy makers

Exploit market facilitators

Boost authorities to partake in community energy

Provide evidence for policy interventions

BEcoop objectives & KEY FIGURES

Analyse the community market potential and identify drivers and barriers for the uptake of bioenergy technologies in the community energy field

Develop a suite of supporting resources and tools for community bioenergy heating project development

Create new bioenergy heating communities and boost the overall demand for bioenergy

Deploy the BECoop support scheme for the market uptake of community bioenergy heating projects

Empower the community bioenergy ecosystem to scale across Europe

Engage and empower policy makers towards the uptake of community bioenergy


new bioenergy communities developed


additional replication cases of the BECoop concept


BECoop national policy roadmaps


BECoop EU policy roadmap


and more community bioenergy cases analysed


and more events (webinars, info days, workshops, etc.)