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BECoop Newsletter #3 - March 2022

Earlier studies realised by BECoop showed that the knowledge and acceptance of bioenergy varies from region to region in Europe, making it an untapped source of renewable energy compared to other sources such as solar or wind. To ensure bioenergy’s market expansion –with high potential for replacing fossil fuelled heat and therefore very important in the current geopolitical situation-, solutions, data and tools are needed to support market players.
BECoop participates in such an effort in many ways, one being to provide stakeholders with the right tools to kick start – or operate their projects, as you will find out in this issue of our newsletter. We have developed catalogues and factsheets, presenting technical and financial aspects, two tools were added to our portfolio of supporting outcomes, and a short video was prepared to show, in 2 minutes, what bioenergy and energy communities are, the benefits they bring to many stakeholders and how their combination is the perfect fit.


Boletín informativo en español

Sartu euskarazko buletinean

BECoop Newsletter #2 - December 2021

Bioenergy has huge potential but is currently underdeveloped in Europe. Our analysis shows that the knowledge and acceptance of biofuel varies from region to region. Overall, however, it remains fairly untapped compared to other sources of renewable energy such as solar and wind power. The insights from our surveys on European citizens’ preferences, acceptance levels and willingness to join a bioenergy community can now help us better understand the main facilitators and hindering factors in this area. The findings also allow us to better communicate to build awareness and increase people’s interest in community bioenergy.

You will read and access in this newsletter what BECoop partners developed in the first project year, setting the stage for the second phase, the pilot one. BECoop will soon launch 4 pilot initiatives in 4 European countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland and Spain.

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Boletín informativo en español

Sartu euskarazko buletinean

BECoop Newsletter #1 - April 2021

BECoop – News #1 – Unlocking the community bioenergy potential

Read about bioenergy potential, our pilot solutions in Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, the tools that we offer for #cooperatives, and much more.

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