As you most probably have seen in the news, about a month ago in September 2023, the Region of Thessaly in Greece was hardly hit by climate change, with severe amounts of rain falling into a very short timeframe and many people hit by the events.
We, at BECoop, know well the Region with our pilot ESEK SYN PE being located in its heart, in Karditsa.

BECoop team had a meeting planned in Karditsa in September and was heavily moved by the situation. After thorough discussions, the consortium decided to maintain (yet adapt) the field visits, considering that this trip could also support the communities impacted by the situation.

We had the opportunity to visit the facilities of our partner ESEK and discover a mountain eco village where heat is provided through biomass, as well as experience the welcoming and kind heart of the local population.

We wanted to share with you today two videos produced after this trip:

🌲 One allows you to discover the inspiring story of the Energy Community of Karditsa (ESEK), a pioneering citizen energy community, through the eyes of the ESEK team. With over 400 dedicated members, including municipalities, SMEs, and associations, ESEK is at the forefront of renewable energy in the Thessaly Region.

🌲 The other was produced to show the steps taken in our trip, taking you with us for 3 minutes inside the eco village, the ESEK facilities and sharing 2-3 learnings we brought back from the visits.

We will present key aspects of the bioenergy community in Brussels, during our final event, and invite you to follow closely the work done by ESEK, an inspiring community!