Unlocking the community bioenergy potential

About BECoop

The ambition of BECoop (2020-2023), a project supported by the European Horizon 2020 programme, is to provide the necessary conditions, technical as well as business support tools, for unlocking the underlying market potential of community bioenergy, fostering new links and partnerships.

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Unlocking replication potential and scaling up at the EU level

Developing bioenergy communities

Reducing resistance, boosting demand and start de-risking community bioenergy investments

Empowering policy to transfer the community energy momentum to bioenergy heating

Making community bioenergy project development easier, further cutting down time and cost efforts

Becoop Tools

BECoop partners will develop a set of tools to facilitate the provision of support services to bioenergy communities and foster a broad deployment of bioenergy heating technologies across Europe.

Pilot Areas

BECoop tests the implementation of community bioenergy heating support scheme in 4 complementary pilot cases before transferring to additional cases across the EU.

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What is bioenergy? What do communities offer? Learn more in our dedicated sections and with our project results.

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📊 The @ItnMistral research network is gathering experiences of women and men in local #EnergyCommunities to explore participation and management practices in REScoops from a #gender perspective.

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Check the @REScoopEU transposition tracker to see how Member States are doing in transposing / implementing the definition of Renewable Energy Communities #REC & Citizen Energy Communities #CEC
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This report analyses the regional/national contexts of BECoop pilot areas (Spain, Greece, Poland, and Italy) as well as at the EU level, investigating the current framework conditions that could act as barrier or enabler for the uptake of community bioenergy heating. The synthesis of desk research and interviews reveals regional/national and EU-level factors (such as […]

Several workshops were organised in our pilot countries to further present the BECoop concept and objectives and get stakeholders’ views. In September, OBS held a meeting in Poland on the development of the energy potential of the local community to increase the use of biomass (renewable energy) in heating systems. The meeting  introduced the topic […]

BECoop, since the project started over a year ago, has at heart to engage with related initiatives and projects, to build on each other’s knowledge and resources. So far, a group of 13 projects has therefore emerged, also referred to as “sister projects”, which meet monthly to share results and draft potential collaboration ideas. One […]

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Join BECoop at the Sustainable place event, September 28, 15.30-17.30 CET, in the workshop “Energy Communities in Europe”, stream Business models. Acknowledging that there is still a need for clear guidance, education, and support with respect to the methodologies and current practices for the set-up and take-off of successful energy communities, both on a local […]

Bioenergy and thermal RES have an indispensable and quantitatively relevant role in achieving the European objectives of decarbonising the economy. Especially in Italy, the forest-wood supply chain can play a leading role in the revitalization of mountain areas and in the production of energy from renewable sources. Fiper is the Italian partner of the “Unlocking […]