The aim of this guide is to help you create a Renewable Energy Community (REC) in your area and contains information, practical tips and tools. However, it does not address in depth all the steps and aspects involved in the process of creating an REC, as this is not its purpose; it has a different goal: to introduce a comprehensive participative approach.

Why do we focus on participation? Because participation defines the “way to go about” these processes. Participation thus provides strategies and resources to enable the people in the community to become proactively involved in improving their environment and their lives, on equal terms, focusing both on the outcome and on their experience of the process. It is therefore necessary to be aware of shared problems and interests, although not enough. For it to be real participation, it is also necessary that people are able to make decisions on the issues where they would like to make a difference.

Therefore, this guide contains the most important factors to bear in mind with regard to participation when creating an REC. However, it should always been taken into account that this is a tool to be used with a degree of flexibility and as a source of inspiration – a tool which seeks not to standardise these processes, but rather the opposite. Therefore, it must be kept in mind that all the aspects of the process have to be in line with the possible options and local situation, as well as participation.

The guide aims to be as helpful as possible for the people and communities all around the Basque Country and, indeed, beyond its borders. Let’s embark on our journey!

This guide consists of three main sections: the first contains the guiding framework for this guide to creating an REC, in which the importance of participation is highlighted; the second describes the four steps of the REC creation process, with participation as the focal point, and also includes the role of the external support that may help on along the way; and, lastly, the third section includes materials and resources that may be helpful to you.

Developed by GOIENER for BECoop.