Energy independence is now at the top of the EU’s agenda. Almost all Europe’s biomass is already locally produced, contributing around 60% of the EU’s renewable energy.

Marine Perrio at IEECP makes the case for promoting biomass prosumer projects. She points at regions dependent on biomass that have reported stable energy prices in the midst of the drastic increases in gas, oil and coal prices. Biomass uses organic feedstock from agriculture, agroindustry, forestry and municipal waste to generate energy. It is a by-product, so no forests need be harvested, only residues used, says Perrio. As a next step for biomass, she describes the EU-funded BECoop project which aims to unlock the market potential of community bioenergy and renewable energy prosumers. It involves cooperation between users, logistic chain actors and local authorities, with all becoming active market players. Perrio points at case studies in Italy. Tackling energy price shocks and energy poverty with tax breaks and financial support for consumers cannot be a long term solution. Instead, creating energy communities using biomass should be part of a future renewable energy mix that ensures energy security and stable prices, says Perrio.

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