The BECoop self-assessment tool will provide, to different profiles of stakeholders (provider, facility operator, etc.) an evaluation methodology and tool with a set of indicators, metrics and definitions for communities and other stakeholders to assess the current status and future potential of communities for community bioenergy with recommended technical and business actions. Through a simple form, the tool will help RESCoops and local/regional authorities to reveal and better understand their gaps, maturity level regarding the adoption of bioenergy heating, their current level of community engagement, as well as the complexity of the existing framework for procurement and policy design.

The tool will be available from November 2021.


Bioenergy communities will be able to evaluate their current status and future potential


Entrepreneurs of new cooperative bioenergy projects will be able to identify their current position and offer suggested steps to initiate a new bioenergy business based on cooperative funding/promotion, cooperative ownership and exploitation, or community participation.

The tool will be available from November 2021.