12 Mar 2021, 08:30

Bioenergy and thermal RES have an indispensable and quantitatively relevant role in achieving the European objectives of decarbonising the economy.

Especially in Italy, the forest-wood supply chain can play a leading role in the revitalization of mountain areas and in the production of energy from renewable sources. Fiper is the Italian partner of the “Unlocking the community bioenergy potential” project with the aim of promoting new project initiatives for the establishment of new woody biomass district heating networks from short supply chains, agricultural biomethane plants, natural fertilizers, with a view to promoting the use of otherwise unusable agricultural and forestry residues.

Concrete circular economy proposals to raise awareness among public institutions and potential investors on the opportunity cost of these supply chains. Fiper launches the first webinar of comparison with companies, associations and organizations of the biomass-energy supply chain and local administrators of non-methanised Municipalities to start mutual knowledge, exchange their experience with the aim of identifying potential territories (Municipalities and related supply chains) interested in starting new projects.

A webinar organised by FIPER.

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